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Entry #7

New Toon

2014-02-11 14:24:43 by Fim

Shameless plug for my latest offering in the portal right now.

What originally was just a dumb few seconds I was playing around with in Flash somehow turned into this 5 minute + episode that took me a couple of months to finish.

I learnt a huge amount doing this, one of the main things being to spend a lot more time refining my storyboard before I lung headfirst into the project (this episode was originally even longer than it is now, but I decided to cut a few scenes out).

Head over there and give me a 5 you slobs :)




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2014-02-11 15:43:13

cool!!! nice job


2014-02-12 00:15:51

Congrats for Daily 5th <3

Fim responds:

Thanks a lot :) It meant a lot to me (isn't that really sad)