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Mad good. Love the colours, pacing, design. Very tidy. Could have perhaps used a couple of extra frames around the hair / a few in-betweens for some some the action, but overall very, very good. Would love to see something longer / with more of a narrative arc.

This was ill. Great job man :)

Awesome animation, the backgrounds, concept and use of audio were superb, I just wish there was a little more of it? You had the beginnings of a really good video but I felt like it ended abruptly, but keep on trucking, I'll keep a tab on you and watch any of your future work :)

Manases responds:

Thank you! And I understand, this was a quick school project but i'm learning the ropes for future projects! :)

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I didn't know Channel 4 made games? I gota say it's professionally put together and very playable, in fact I'm still playing as I type this review. Sterling job guys, any chance you could employ me to do work exp with ya? :P I gave you a 5, hope to see more of this calibre.

wasnt too bad

you spelt "again" wrong

can I keep a tab on you?

I'm always needing a decent voice actor for some of my flash, the guy I usually go to is a 13 year old american and tbh he's not that good. I'm loving your stuff here though, very clear, very clean, love it. Would you be interested in doing some voice actor work for me in the future? no worries if you don't.

ForNoReason responds:

Sure, just drop me a PM.

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Like what you've made here, reminds me alot of datsik/ excision type of ds, I would advice doing something with the intro because it sounds quite muffled to me. besides that, you got a good enough drop, and just the right amount of variation that it doesnt become boring.
if you want any feedback from a dubstep fan's perspective just ask in the dubstep crew thread we got going, same goes for anyone reading this who produces dubstep http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 90595/
keep it up brudda!

Best Dubstep I heard on NG

You've really got the dub sound nailed here, sounds pro. The drop could be abit longer in the build up and I'm abit dissapointed that it's not longer but otherwise I think you've done a really great job on this one. Keep making the dub tunes and hopefully NG will make a Dubstep genre on NG ;D

Nice. Sounds like a sound system doing a fart.

I like the bass and the sampling, personally I prefer my dubstep to be more heavy and in your face but for the mood you're trying to get I think it's a decent job. Keep the dubstep on NG

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